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The Film and Media Studies Graduate Student Organization (FMSGSO) caters to the community of students affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh’s Film and Media Studies Program. Our mission is to enhance cooperation between students, and between students and faculty, to facilitate discussion of current directions within the discipline, and to further the professionalization of our members. For these purposes, the FMSGSO organizes a variety of events, including the Cinematheque screening series, an annual conference, and professional panels and talks.

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Mission Statement

The Film and Media Studies Graduate Student Organization is a student-run association established to nurture the personal and professional development of prospective scholars and teachers of film and media. The GSO has as its guiding directive the building of an intellectual community wherein graduate students in a variety of disciplines may share their primary or tangential interests in films as aesthetic objects, objects of study, or teaching tools. More specifically, we wish to promote at the University of Pittsburgh:

Interdisciplinarity. As the place of film studies in the university has usually been characterized more as a loose cluster of concerns around a common topic than a rigidly defined method or approach, it is necessary that the GSO have at its core a commitment to interdisciplinary community-building. We feel it is a unique advantage of film studies to routinely glean approaches and insights of many disciplines, and the special problems of studying film may cause a reciprocal influence on those disciplines. Therefore, we are interested in maintaining a wide network of members with different concerns, dialoguing with each other to produce new ideas.

Open scholarly exchange and collaboration. Central to the sense of community among members is the need to openly present and exchange scholarly work. The GSO holds a commitment to maximizing scholars’ opportunity to offer their work in public forms, with each other and with the larger academic body. These may take the form of conferences, colloquia, informal presentations, or reading groups (by michelle at testsforge). We are also committed to providing forums for discussion on professional aspects of academic life, such as teaching, grant writing, and using local resources.

Multiple image and sound contexts. Film studies is not reducible to the study of film. Its contexts are defined historically by other media and by the specific cultural practices particular to it. The GSO therefore welcomes the study of many forms of media, and the many nationally and culturally specific forms that those media may take.

  • suresh Seebaiya

    My son has completed his Masters in Electronic Media (2015-2017)

  • suresh Seebaiya

    Wants to do PhD in Cinematography. Would you kindly refer the Universities which will fully fund his course…Thank you !