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Please note that this program may be subject to change.

Friday, October 2, 2015
Time Event Location
11:30-12:00pm Registration/Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address by Adam Lowenstein

Director of Film Studies

CL 501

Dividing Lines: Mediating Conflict through the Image

Moderator: Jen Waldron, English

  • Anastasia Kostina (Yale University), “Rough Is the New Credible: Reality Claim in Russian and Ukrainian Online Documentary Projects”
  • Annie Sullivan (Northwestern University), “Mediating Post-Rebellion Detroit: Local Television, Civil Governance, and Confronting the Racial Divide”
  • Michael Svedman (University of Pittsburgh), “A Mad World, My Masters: Jean Rouch’s Jump Cuts”
  • Kristin Juarez (Georgia State University), “Images of Palestine: Politics of Abstraction in the Video Installation of Jumana Manna”
CL 501
2:15-2:30pm Break ––

Historical Formations: Constructing Industrial Memory

Moderator: Lucy Fischer, Film Studies

  • David Cottis (Birkbeck College, University of London), “The Four Feathers and the British Colonial Film”
  • Francis M. Agnoli (Unaffiliated), “Make Mine Freedom: A Reformulation of a Cold War Cartoon’s Identity”
  • Matt Connolly (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “‘An Ever More Attractive Tagline The More It Appears to Fade’: New Queer Cinema as Critical Rubric in Contemporary LGBT Film”
  • John Taylor (University of Pittsburgh), “‘Stories Come out of the Woods’: Nostalgia and Rural Resistance in 1970s Independent Cinema”
CL 501
4:15–4:30pm Break ––

Shock and Awe: Radical Forms and the Avant-Garde

Moderator: Marcia Landy, Film Studies

  • Swagato Chakravorty (Yale University), “Shocking Politics, Screening Bodies: and the Anti-Aesthetic”
  • Ignasi Gozalo i Salellas (University of Pennsylvania), “The Digital Archival Impulse: Towards a Transformative Archive”
  • Kenneth Berger (Brown University), “Critique, the Avant-Gardes, and the Remaking of Life”
  • Adam Hebert (University of Pittsburgh), “‘Roll Forever’: Street Skateboarding, its Image-making, and Politics In Potentia”
CL 501
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Time Event Location
9:30–10:00am Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Water Cooler Politics: Reading the Zeitgeist

Moderator: Jinying Li, Film Studies

  • Danning Ma (Columbia University), “Chinese Chick Flicks, Postfeminism and Postsocialist China”
  • James N. Gilmore (Indiana University), “The Interview and the Everydayness of Media Circulation”
  • Cooper Long (University of Toronto), “Seen Any Good Movies Lately: Agonistic Politics and Small Talk about Cinema”
  • Carrie Reese (University of Toronto), “Out of Bounds: Les ‘No-Go Zones’ and the Cartographies of Fox News”
CL 501
11:45am–1:30pm Break for Lunch ––

Scare Tactics and Strategies: Bodies as Political Tools

Moderator: Brent Malin, Communication

  • Iggy Cortez (University of Pennsylvania), “Mother’s Dissociative Public Sphere”
  • Jeffrey Gordon Baker (Birkbeck College, University of London), “The Inappropriate/d Politics of Adoption Monsters in Horror and Documentary Films”
  • Ingrid Nordgaard (Yale University), “Photographic Flesh and Pensive Imagery: The Political Potential of the Wounded Body in Works by Boris Mikhailov and Pyotr Pavlensky”
  • Nicole Scalissi (University of Pittsburgh), “Body Swap: Race, Grief, and Shifting Identities in Ana Mendieta’s Rape Scene”
CL 501
3:15–3:30pm Break ––

Us vs Them:(Re)appropriating the Narrative

Moderator: Mark Lynn Anderson, Film Studies

  • Nova Smith (University of Chicago), “Seventh Art of the Seventh Son: Infiltration Narratives and the Subversive ‘Sellout’”
  • Anthony E. Jones (University of Florida), “Tongues Untied and Brother to Brother: A Political Filmic Kinship”
  • Matthew Durkin (Duquesne University), “Affect and Martyrdom: The Case of David Kato in Call Me Kuchu and God Loves Uganda”
  • Jamicia Lackey (Yale University), “(Neo)Liberal Feeling: Postcolonial Nostalgia and the Mattering of Black Lives in Déjà Vu”
CL 501
5:15–6:00pm Break and head to Keynote ––

Keynote Event:
Meghan Sutherland, “Liberalism, Media and the State of Abandon”

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
7:00-8:00pm Catered Reception Frick Fine Arts Atrium