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Friday, October 17, 2014
Time Event Location
11:30–12:00pm Registration/Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address by Adam Lowenstein

Director of Film Studies

CL 501

Bodies and Antibodies

Moderator: Marcia Landy, Film Studies

  • Anthony D’Agostino (Fordham University.), “The Telepathic Body: Psychic Suffering in David Cronenberg’s Scanners
  • Erin Yerby (Columbia University), “Inner Theaters and Spirit Clouds: the Sensuous Extension of the Body in Mediumship”
  • Swagato Chakravorty (Yale University), “Cinéma du corps/Corps du cinéma: Body and Texture in Denis, Dumont, Grandrieux”
  • Veronica Fitzpatrick (University of Pittsburgh), “The Walls Have Hands”
CL 501
2:15-2:30pm Break ––

Historical Remains

Moderator: Mark Lynn Anderson, Film Studies

  • Andrew Vielkind (Yale University), “Image as Prosthesis: Alexander Gardner’s Stereographs of the American Civil War”
  • Brenna M. Casey (Duke University), “Lookout Points: Scenic Vistas, Lynching Photographs, and the American Imaginary”
  • Erin Gray (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Necrophagy at the Lynching Block”
  • Karly-Lynne Scott (Northwestern University), “Looking Through the Weeping Glass: Haptic Visuality and the Ethics of Looking at Strange Bodies in the Medical Museum Documentaries of the Brothers Quay”
CL 501
4:15–4:30pm Break ––

Sensorium in Motion

Moderator: David Pettersen, Film Studies, French Languages and Literatures

  • Adam Cottrel (Georgia State University), “Life at These Speeds: Cadence as Aesthetic Texture”
  • Eloise Ross (La Trobe University (Melbourne)), “Beneath the Waves: Sound Beyond the Screen”
  • Sean O’Reilly (Harvard University), “Beyond the Screen: The Role of the Benshi in Japanese ‘Silent’ Cinema and Its Echoes in Popular Culture”
  • Vera Koshkina (Harvard University), “Revolution in the Archives: Color, Scale and Perceptual Play in Pervorossiiane
CL 501
6:15–8:00pm Dinner Break ––
8:00pm–9:00pm Evening Conference Event

Medium/Format/Marker: La Jetée in Multiples

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Time Event Location
9:30–10:00am Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

The Interactive Image

Moderator: Mark Paterson, Department of Communications

  • Debjani Dutta (University of Southern California), “Choreographing Spaces: K-pop Flash Mobs and Fan Activism”
  • Laurel Ahnert (Georgia State University), “Haptics vs. Touch: A Comparative Analysis of Laura Marks and Jean-Luc Nancy Applied To Interactive Documentary”
  • Tess McClernon (Concordia University), “Vanishing Acts: Theorizing Obsolescence and Tactility in Only Lovers Left Alive
CL 501
11:45am–1:30pm Break for Lunch ––

Im/material Mediation

Moderator: Jane Feuer, Film Studies

  • Aurore Spiers (Columbia University), “Media Physicality and Invisible Materiality: A Study of TV Bodies and Hyper- Embodiment in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Poltergeist, and Benny’s Video
  • Fran McDonald (Duke University), “Laughter in Motion: The Affective Possibilities of Canned Laughter”
  • Kelsey Cameron (University of Pittsburgh), “#interactivity: Television, Touch and the Distracted Viewer”
  • Nicole Coffineau (University of Pittsburgh), “Psycho Ethics: Douglas Gordon and Social-Technic Perception”
CL 501
3:15–3:30pm Break ––

Surface Tension

Moderator: Neepa Majumdar, Film Studies

  • Daniel Carnie (University of Pittsburgh), “The Intimacy of Surface Life in Under the Skin
  • Lauren Cramer (Georgia State University), “A Hip-Hop Joint: An Architectural Approach to Hip-Hop Visual Culture”
  • Todd Jurgess (University of Florida), “An Index to What?: The Glitch as a Haptic Interface with Digital Impenetrability”
  • Troy Rhoades (Université de Montréal), “More Than Just Pixels: Experiencing Colours, Vibration, and Contrast in Digital Images”
CL 501

Closing Remarks by Nancy Condee

CL 501
5:20–6:00pm Break and head to Keynote ––

Keynote Event:
Eugenie Brinkema, Title: Touching on the Diagram (or, The Human Centipede)

Renowned film scholar and author of The Forms of the Affects (Duke University Press, 2014).

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
7:00-8:00pm Catered Reception Frick Fine Arts Atrium