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Friday, October 18, 2013
Time Event Location
12:00–12:30pm Registration CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address by Adam Lowenstein

Director of Film Studies

CL 501

Interventions and Memory [remapping nation]

Moderator: Lucy Fischer, Film Studies

  • Kalling Heck (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), “The Obsolescence of Authority: Questioning After Democracy in the Cinema of Hong Sang-soo”
  • Zach Saltz (University of Kansas), “Unchained Soft Power: The Release, Delay and Implications of Django in China”
  • David Haeselin (Carnegie Mellon University), “A Searching Anxiety: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men as Novel of Everyday Information”
  • Niels Niessen (University of Minnesota), “Lynch’s America: Interview Project
CL 501
2:35–2:45pm Break ––

Graveyard Technics [industrial histories]

Moderator: David Pettersen, Film Studies, French Languages and Literatures

  • Katie Bird (University of Pittsburgh), “Redundancy: Steadicam’s Ascendancy over Panaglide”
  • Hannah Frank (University of Chicago), “Eye Fatigue: Watching Microfilmed Newspapers and Reading Celluloid Animation”
CL 501
4:00–5:00pm Break, Move to  Alumni Hall Directions

Keynote Event:
Homay King, “Christian Marclay’s Two Clocks”

Renowned film scholar and author of Lost in Translation: Orientalism, Cinema, and the Enigmatic Signifier (Duke University Press, 2010).

Alumni Hall, 7th Floor Auditorium
6:30pm–8:00pm Light Reception Alumni Hall Auditorium Lobby
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Time Event Location
8:30–9:00am Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Reincarnations [reappropriations of media, narrative,and institutional forms]

Moderator: Marcia Landy, Film Studies

  • Kevin Flanagan (University of Pittsburgh), “Videogames and Narrative Paratexts: The Uses of Instruction Manuals, from Adventure (1979) to Shovel Knight (2013)”
  • Alexander Thimons (Northwestern University), “Passive Views in the Living Present: Television and the Persistence of the Travelogue”
  • James Rosenow (University of Chicago), “Inventing Amateurs”
CL 501
10:45–10:55am Break CL 501

Ghost Genres [reconsidering outmoded forms]

Moderator: Mark Lynn Anderson, Film Studies

  • Travis Matteson and Justin Ramm (SUNY–Buffalo), “Conical Intersect: Matta-Clark’s City Symphony”
  • Elizabeth Gleesing (Western Washington University), “The ‘I’s’ of Tammy Faye: Self and Representation in Biographical Frameworks”
  • Matt Harris (Trent University), “The Auteur of Dis-Obsolescence: Genre, Star, and Racial Recuperation in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997)”
CL 501
12:15–1:30pm Lunch ––

Scarcity and Anxiety [medium ontology, access, and audience]

Moderator: Mark Best, Film Studies

  • Jason Kelly Roberts (Northwestern University), “Special Because It Was Rare: The Paradoxes of Home Video”
  • Seth Watter (Brown University), “Riveting Spectacle: On Fixity”
  • Brian Real (University of Maryland), “Public Diplomacy or Astroturf? Producing and Distributing Government Films Abroad During the Cold War”
  • Kartik Nair (New York University), “‘We Chose’: Long Tails and Short Shelf-lives on Netflix”
CL 501
3:15–3:25pm Break CL 501

Extended Lives [expanding performance media]

Moderator: Ryan Pierson, Film Studies

  • Abigail Hall Gilmore (University of St. Thomas), “Temptation, Terror, and Ghosts: The Influence of Phantasmagoria Performances on the Salome works of Gustave Moreau”
  • Gabriel Levine (York University), “Survivals and Survivance: Remixing Colonial Visual History with Bear Witness”
  • A. Shaun Kurian (North Carolina State), “Embracing Obsolescence to Preserve Film as a Medium”
  • Nicholas Loess (University of Guelph), “Old Utopias of the New: Towards the Expanded Cinema of Improvisation, or ‘Dude, that projector sounded funky’”
CL 501
7:00pm Private Event TBD