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Friday, September 27, 2019
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Registration/Light Refreshments

CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address

Charles Exley, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures,
Associate Director of the Film and Media Studies Program

CL 501

Questions of Narrative

Moderator: Lucy Fischer, Department of English, Emerita

  • Yasmine Anderson (University of Pittsburgh), “Ancestral Haunting, Trauma Time, and Reparative Refusal in Jordan Peele’s Us
  • Alyssa Canepa (University of Wyoming), “Corporeal Christ: Transgression in Steve McQueen’s Hunger
  • Jordan Parrish (University of Pittsburgh), “The Moebius Crime Film: Doubles, Mirrors, and Four-Dimensional History in Hollow Triumph
  • Aurel Rotival (Université Lyon 2), “Poetics of Cannibalism in 1970s Films: The Limits of Rebellion, between Eucharist and Anthropophagy”
CL 501
1:00-2:30pm Break for Lunch ––


Moderator: Neepa Majumdar, Department of English

  • Eli Boonin-Vail (University of Pittsburgh), “‘A High-Grade Machine and Skilled Operator’: Exposition Image/Sound Aesthetics of Chautauqua in its Circuit and Assembly Contexts”
  • Olga Tchepikova-Treon (University of Minnesota), “SignScope Dis/Continued: Deafula‘s Transition from Deaf to Cult Film”
  • Emily Best (Birkbeck, University of London), “Hearing the (Ob)scene: How Audio Circumvents the Constraints of the Image in Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Radio II
CL 501
4:00-7:00pm Break for Dinner ––
7:00-9:00 pm

Screening – Limited Inventory 1929-1978

Greg Pierce, The Orgone Archive

CL 332
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Time Event Location

Light Refreshments

CL 501 Corridor

Rethinking Histories of Cinema

Moderator: Adam Charles Hart, Department of English

  • Muxin Zhang (Columbia University), “Censored Gangsters: Hollywood Mafia’s Wasted Years between Scarface and The Godfather
  • Navid Darvishzadeh (Georgia State University), “The Snowman: Heteronormativity and Liminalities of Gender and Sexuality in Iranian Post-Revolutionary Cinema”
  • Éloïse Thompson-Tremblay (New York University), “Dances with Codes: Dance and Sex in the Code Era”
CL 501
12:00-1:30pm Break for Lunch ––

New Publics

Moderator: Nancy Condee, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

  • Denis Saltykov (University of Pittsburgh), “Esoteric Revolt in Russia: Slavic Neopaganism in Documentary Series Game of Gods
  • Yumo Yan (Columbia University), “From Online Danmei Literature to Web Series: A Study of Chinese Internet-Based Adaptations Under Censorship”
  • Katherine Contess (Brown University), “(Dis)Enclosure of the Fitness Commons”
CL 501
3:00-3:30pm Break, Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Industrial Networks

Moderator: Charles Exley, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

  • Katrina Margolis (University of Texas), “Fear and Explosions in Los Angeles: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Blow-Up, and the End of the Production Code”
  • Eva Ivanilova (Independent Scholar), “The Inner Empire: Yakut Industry of Horror”
  • Akriti Rastogi (New York University), “Balancing Act: Mapping Competition and Collaboration in Hindi Film Industry”
CL 501
5:00–6:00pm Break and Head to Keynote ––

Keynote – Canonical Badness and the New Terrible

Jeffrey Sconce, Northwestern University

CL 602

Catered Reception

CL 602 Corridor