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We have a Discord server for the event to facilitate discussion during and between panels.

Day 1 – Thursday, February 18, 2021
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Dr. Mark Lynn Anderson, Department of English


Opening Remarks

Dr. Adam Hart, Archives and Special Collections

Recording: Opening Remarks

Panel 1 – Speculative Fiction

Respondent: Dr. Louis Maraj, Department of English

  • Spencer Myers (Bowling Green State University), “Becoming Oil Over Time: The Body as a Site of Resistance in Delete Beach
  • Kayode Odumboni (The Ohio State University), “Re-membering the Past: Black Panther, Sovereignty, and the Cultural Politics of Africanfuturism”
  • Joshua Bastian Cole (Cornell University), “A New Hope: Rhys Ernst and John Carpenter, Unexpected Optimists”
Recording: Panel 1
4:25-5:50 pm

Recorded Talk – “The Magical Technology: Representations of Colonial Modernity in 1980s Hong Kong Horror Comedy”

Agnes Yiting Sun, School of Visual Arts in New York City

Respondents: University of Pittsburgh Graduate Students,
Open to the Public

YouTube: Recorded Talk

Panel 2 – Iterations of the New Gothic and Horror/Disaster Media

Respondent: Dr. Adam Lowenstein, Department of English

  • Youngbin Song (Columbia College Chicago), “South Korea’s Han-ted Imaginary: Reading Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 as Women’s Melodrama”
  • Jasper Lauderdale (New York University), “‘For the female of the species is more deadly than the male’: Exhuming the transtemporal body of the black woman vampire in speculative art”
  • Andrew Lee (University of Toronto), “Apocalypse Again and Again, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming”
  • Seth Wilder (Georgia State University), “Consuming Leftovers in the Time of COVID-19: A Pandemic and the Retextualization of an HBO Series”
Recording: Panel 2
Day 2 – Friday, February 19, 2021
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Panel 1 – Violence in Genre and War Media

Respondent: Dr. Neepa Majumdar, Department of English

  • Anthony Dominguez (New York University), “Military Mobilize: The Real and Imaginary Battles over Time Square”
  • Sam Malabre (University of California, Los Angeles), “The Military Complex and Media Apparatus around Activision/Blizzard’s Modern Warfare
  • Yue Zhou (University College London), “An analysis for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: the feminism in swordswomen’s rebellion and the intervention of transnational capital to the theme of a film”
Recording: Panel 1

Panel 2 – Empire/Invasion/Conquest

Respondent: Dr. Mohammed Bamyeh, Department of Sociology

  • Stephen Woo (Brown University), “Diciembres: Re-Documenting the US Invasion of Panama”
  • Dr. Dilara Gülpmar (Yaşar University), “Representation of History in Cinema: Comparative Analysis of Turkish Films Based on the Conquest of Istanbul”
  • Ashton Kinley (Concordia University), “Through Hardships to the Stars: Points of Conradian-Contact in Western Cinema”
  • Anisa Hosseinnezhad (Temple University), “‘Once You’re In, There’s No Way Out’: Tehran and the Politics of Erasure”
Recording: Panel 2

Keynote Introduction

Dr. Charles Exley, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures,
Associate Director of the Film and Media Studies Program



Dr. Kara Keeling, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago