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Friday, November 9, 2012
Time Event Location
12:00–12:30pm Registration CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address by Daniel Morgan

Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies and Acting Director of Film Studies

CL 501


Moderator: Neepa Majumdar, Film Studies, Department of English

  • Mal Ahern (Yale University), “An Art Cut Open: Cinephilia and the Transition to Sound in Close Up (1927-1933)
  • Luke Stadel (Northwestern University), “Lewis Jacobs and the Problem of Cinephilia in U.S. Film Historiography”
  • Caitlin Reynolds (Kansas State University), “The Creation of the World – Take Two!: Atomic Cinema and the  New World of the Bomb, 1945–1960″
CL 501
2:45–5:00pm Lunch/Break ––

Keynote Event:
Christian Keathley, “The Use of an Illusion”

Renowned film scholar and author of Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees.

FFA Auditorium
6:30pm–8:00pm Reception FFA Cloisters
Saturday, November 10, 2012
Time Event Location
8:30–9:00am Light Refreshments CL 501 Corridor

Institutionalized Cinephobia

Moderator: Gordon Sullivan

CL 501
10:20–10:30am Break CL 501

Paratextual Encounters

Moderator: Girish Shambu, Canisius College

  • Manuel Betancourt (Rutgers University), “Staging the Silver Screen: Adrienne Kennedy’s A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White
  • Hannah Mueller (Cornell University), “‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling’: Textual Poaching, the Importance of Suits and the One True Pairing in the Fanfiction Community around Christopher Nolan’s Inception
  • Laura Nevins (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), “The Changing Concept of ‘Cult Film’ and Mondo’s Independent Movie Posters”
CL 501
11:50–1:00pm Lunch ––

Pleasure Ethics

Moderator: David Pettersen, Film Studies, French Languages and Literatures

  • Seth Watter (Brown University), “Torture Porn & Classical Aesthetics”
  • Jerrine Tan (Brown University), “The Distracted Reader, The Lenient Audience, The Guilty Guardian: Transforming Stories on Pedophilia from Text to Film”
  • Matt Harris (Trent University), “Inglourious Basterds (2009) – The Diegetization of Cinephilia and the Double-Edged Power of Film”
CL 501
2:20–2:30pm Break CL 501

Porn, Form, and Desire

Moderator: Mark Lynn Anderson, Film Studies, Department of English

  • Jenn Hyland (The New School for Social Research), “Temporal Loops: GIF Pornography and the Hysterical Body”
  • Michael Chiappini (Case Western Reserve University), “The Cruel Optimism of Pornography: Desire and Disgust in the Private and Public Spheres”
  • Lily Hughes (Georgetown University), “The Ace’s Guide to Cinema”
CL 501
7:00pm Party Private Residence
Sunday, November 11, 2012
Time Event Location
9:00–9:30pm Light Refreshments CL 501

Spectatorship and Cine-Reality

Moderator: TBA

  • Kalling Heck (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), “Movies in the Middle: Cinephilia as Constant Becoming”
  • Adam Hart (University of Chicago), “It’s Only a Movie: Evil Dead 2 and Horror’s Self-Conscious Spectatorship”
  • Rachel Thibault (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “The Cinephilia of (Feminist) Interruptions”
CL 501
11:10–11:20am Break CL 501

Transitions: Cinephilia, Access, and Ontology

Moderator: Daniel Morgan, Film Studies, Department of English

  • Nicholas Loess (University of Guelph), “Film Effects: A Lament for Video”
  • Matthias Mushinski (Concordia University), “Are you guys closing?: Video Stores as Transition from Celluloid to the Internet”
  • Dominic M. Leppla (Concordia University), “The Mobilized Cinephile: Krzysztov Kieslowski’s Amator and the Amateur within Film Studies”
CL 501
1:00–1:15pm Closing Remarks CL 501