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Cinematheque is a recurring graduate student-run film series. Screenings are free and open to the public.

Each semester, two graduate students co-direct the screening series, pick a new theme – most recently, “The Best Film You’ve Never Seen” (2014-15) – and solicit presenters to introduce a film of their choice and lead a brief, open discussion after the screening.

Fall 2015 series: Now In Theaters


Now soliciting presenters for Spring 2016! The theme is “Now On Videocassette.”

E-mail Sonia Lupher ( or Mary Gryctko ( for more information on the 2015-16 series.


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Co-founder Ali Patterson’s original mission statement for Cinematheque:

“Through the Cinematheque, we hope to widen our base of film knowledge and to question assumptions about the inevitability of a canon. By pairing short films with feature length films, the Cinematheque can offer films that will challenge each other and trouble the notion that a single film, or a mode of production, can stand for a genre, a movement, an era, or a national cinema. We are also able to screen film texts that are unlikely to be screened somewhere else, as well as frequently screened films in unlikely and intriguing combinations.”