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Cinematheque presents “Lemon Tree” (Etz Limon) – 2008

“Lemon Tree” (Etz Limon)

Friday 2/1, 5:00 PM. Cathedral of Learning, G8. Free Pizza!

Kuhu Tanvir (PhD student in English/Film) will present Eran Riklis’s 2008 film Lemon Tree (Etz Limon). Discussion to follow.

Lemon Tree (original title Etz Limon) is a 2008 Israeli film directed by Eran Riklis. It is the story of Salma Zidane, a Palestinian woman who’s ancestral farm becomes a point of contention after the Israeli defense minister moves in next door. The film follows Salma’s legal battle to save her land that is her only remaining connection to her family. Lemon Tree enters the volatile and nearly impossible political turmoil of the conflicted region of Israel and Palestine, telling a story that weaves in the political and the personal almost effortlessly. In an interview, Riklis said of his decision to use lemons as the binding motif of the film, “I didn’t want olive tress which seemed to be too symbolic and over used as an image. Lemons gave me freshness, bitterness, sweetness, a great color and overall a nice metaphor without being too metaphoric..”

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