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Hail JT: A Boy Band Fanatic’s Reaction to “Suit and Tie”

Let’s get this out of the way: I love pop music. Everything about it is a “yes” to me, so fortunately the universe timed my tween years in tandem with the 1990s boy band craze. Watching MTV’s Total Request Live after school was a way to forget those awkward middle school days that were occupied by hiding Tampax in my locker.

Those years were the last real ride for MTV—as we boy band lovers knew it—and it was also when Justin Timberlake’s career was resting on the success of N’Sync. N’Sync recorded several successful songs before, for example, their hit, “Bye Bye Bye.” That music video, however, was the moment during which Timberlake ditched his oversized hoop earring, but still retained a trace of wholesomeness: he was too sexy for an afterschool glass of milk, but not quite grown up enough to serve as soundtrack for raiding the parents’ liquor cabinet. Read more