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Screening: Limited Inventory 1929-1978

Limited Inventory 1929-1978

Presented by Greg Pierce, The Orgone Archive

A sorry lot of cinematic cast offs, neglected ne’er-do-wells, low-down, dirty deadbeats, outcasts, bum mugs, and scissorbills. These films have been left for dead and, through no fault of their own, cast into an enormous historical / cinematic cuspidor where they desperately struggle to unspool and project their beautiful, inscrutable horrors from what seems like light years from whence they came. Orphans? Often. Mistakes? Sometimes. Bastards? Proudly. You will see inside a stranger’s home, an owl fight a snake and a heart where it shouldn’t be. You will witness a provocative inhalant test, a violent Christmas and the social diseases of men. You will meet Mr. Clean as well as Mrs. Brown. And so much more you never even imagined you could take for granted. There is no doubt in these immaculate projections. And you are fortunate.