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Friday, September 29, 2017
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Registration/Light Refreshments

CL 501 Corridor

Welcome Address

Randall Halle, Department of German,
Director of the Film and Media Studies Program

CL 501

Distributed Self: Embodiment in the Digital Age

Moderator: Adam Lowenstein, Department of English

  • James N. Gilmore (Indiana University), “I Move, Therefore I Am: On Fitness Trackers and Institutional Being”
  • Silpa Mukherjee (University of Pittsburgh), “The Hip That Thrusts Ad Infinitum: Tactile Eroticism of Item Number GIFs”
  • John W. Roberts (Georgia State University), “Towards a Phenomenology of Non-Normative Sports Videogames: Rocket League and the Semblance of the Athletic Body”
CL 501
11:30-1:00pm Break for Lunch ––

Bodies Politic: Revisions and Resistance

Moderator: Lucy Fischer, Department of English

  • Thaïs Miller (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Attempts at Historical Revisionism to Reclaim the Legacy and Empowerment of Female Performers in GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  • Abigail Reed (Florida State University), “‘I’m Not as Helpless as I Seem’: Feminine Movement and Consumption of the Body in The Neon Demon
  • Queenie Sukhadia (Georgetown University), “Unhealthy Bodies Made Healthy: The Destigmatization of Disability in Murderball
CL 501
2:30-3:00pm Break ––

Rules of the Game: Sports, Narrative, and History

Moderator: Rob Ruck, Department of History

  • Brett Kashmere (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Listening Outside the Lines: Over-Voice and Undertone in NFL Films’ Epic Histories”
  • Kelsey Phillips (Kent State University), “Back to the Future: Media Coverage of Rio Olympics Men’s 100m Final”
  • Brett Siegel (University of Texas), “Concussions and Capital: Tom Brady, CTE and the Ideological Paradox of Player Safety”
CL 501
4:30-6:00pm Break and Head to Keynote ––
6:00-7:30 pm

Keynote – Sex and the Uneventful: Feminist Art and Women’s Sports

Jennifer Doyle, University of California, Riverside

CL G24
Saturday, September 30, 2017
Time Event Location

Light Refreshments

CL 501 Corridor

Parallel Traditions: Performance Art and Visual Media

Moderator: Neepa Majumdar, Department of English

  • Swagato Chakravorty (Yale University), “Points in Space: Merce Cunningham, Performance, and the Moving Image in the Twenty-First Century”
  • Jonathan Joy (University at Buffalo), “From Attendance to Performance: Spectatorship, ‘Liveness,’ and the Emergence of Live Cinema”
  • Laurel V. McLaughlin (Bryn Mawr College), “A Cyborgian Disclosure: Marian Embodiment in Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s The Annunciation (Marian Ilmestys)
CL 501
11:30-1:00pm Break for Lunch ––

Limits of Representation, Collisions with Reality

Moderator: Randall Halle, Department of German

  • Jonathan Devine (University of Pittsburgh), “Animation and Embodiment: Indexicality in Last Day of Freedom
  • LuLing Osofsky (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Boxing in the Camps: Conflicting Depictions of Violence, Spectacle and the Fate of the Jewish Champion Boxer in Triumph of the Spirit and Victor Young Perez
  • Amgad Serour (University of Minnesota), “Affective, Sensuous and Material Spectatorship: The Battle of Okinawa in Chris Marker’s Level Five
CL 501
2:30-3:00pm Break ––

Hard Work: Making Labor Visible

Moderator: Mark Lynn Anderson, Department of English

  • Hector Gonzales (University of Texas), “Bruce Lee: Rebranding and Repurposing The Dragon – A Study on the Digital Afterlife of the World’s Most Famous Martial Artist”
  • Katherine Johnson (Indiana University), “‘Action’ in the Western Film”
  • Wentao Ma (Columbia University), “Embodying ‘Sage Media’: Collective Body as a Medium in the National Pedagogy of Modern Chinese Calisthenics”
CL 501
4:30–6:00pm Break and Head to Screening ––

Screening – DEEP PLAY: Sport + Experimental Media

Brett Kashmere, University of California, Santa Cruz

FFA Auditorium

Catered Reception

FFA Atrium