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February Edition of Special Affects: “Food & Feast”

Feasting in the 1966 film "Daisies"

Over the next few months, Special Affects will feature a monthly guest editor to curate a variety of posts on diverse topics in film and media studies. These posts will also feature responses to a number of academic and cultural events happening around Pittsburgh and at the University of Pittsburgh that we believe have an important impact for our own community and for film and media studies at large. As this February’s guest editor, I’m excited to draw your attention to a number of exciting posts we’ll feature on the site over the next few weeks including Oscars coverage and Spring Cinematheque round-ups. Additionally, our theme for this month will parallel our Graduate Student Spring Cinematheque series “Food & Feast”. In this series so far, we have screened and discussed: Věra Chytilová’s 1966 film Daisies (Sedmikrásky), Eran Riklis’s 2008 film Lemon Tree (Etz Limon), and Karen Shakhnazarov’s 1989 film Zero City (Gorod Zero). Over the next few days, we will feature discussions and responses from the film’s presenters. In deciding on this topic, Cinematheque organizers Jordan Schonig and I, were curious about the broad application of both the ideas of food and feasting in the history of film. To continue our thinking about this month’s theme, I wanted to feature Jordan Schonig’s thoughtful introduction to our “Food & Feast” series. Thank You for stopping by, we’re hoping this will be an appetizing month! – Katie Bird