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Freewriting Session

This Friday, 12-2pm, in room 527, Ryan Pierson will be holding yet another of his awesome freewriting sessions. The idea is that participants draw from a deck of cards with random tasks on them, write what the card says for an hour, and share the results.  Originally the cards were oriented toward the large projects (e.g., “make an archive of academic clichés,” “write a glowing review of your work written by someone else”), but for this session Ryan will make some cards specifically for possible blog posts: “make up a lesson plan for something you’ve never taught,” “start a debate about something you recently read that puzzled you,” etc.

The meeting is open to all FSGSO members and other interested parties. The writing is EXTREMELY low-stakes , and it’s fun. So come on down! And if anybody wants to add a task suggestion to the deck, email Ryan at and he’ll put it on a card.